When photographing a golf game, you should always take your photos in the RAW format to maximize the quality you get from your shots. Not only that, but RAW files also let your edit them non-destructively unlike a compressed format like JPEG.

Here are some of my top reasons for always suggesting sports photographers shoot in RAW:

  • The quality of photos you get is better than you would get with a JPEG file. A RAW file is unaltered in any and all ways and is the total sum of the data your camera captures.


  • Non-destructive editing comes in handy when you need to pull back some highlights or get more detail out from the shadows. During a sporting event, you can’t always nail the exposure for your photo. Therefore, shooting in RAW becomes essential if you want to develop publishable photos.


  • For an event like golf, you have to be careful of the harsh sunlight that may ruin a shot of the course. Shooting multiple brackets of the same photo in RAW and then merging them together in an HDR file will ensure that you get the best possible exposure. If you would like to learn more about RAW photography, head on to https://aurorahdr.com/education.

If you don’t already take photos in RAW format, you should start doing so before you go to cover a golfing, or any other sporting, event. If you are unsure of whether you should take RAW photos then use your camera’s RAW+JPEG option to capture two copies of each photo. That way you can experiment with RAW photography while having a backup JPEG as captured by your camera as well.

Why You Should be Shooting in RAW
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