One of the things you’ll have to deal with while shooting golf events is the temperamental weather. While you may encounter some unpleasant weather situations like thunderstorms during golf games, most of the time the weather will be nice and sunny. However, on a sunny day you might end up with photos where the highlights are completely blown out and the sky looks like a white ceiling instead.

Use a Fast Shutter

One of the easiest ways to retain detail in the sky on a sunny or slightly overcast day is to use a higher shutter speed. You must be using a fast shutter while covering a game anyway, but increasing the speed even faster may lead to better looking skies.

Use a Narrow Aperture

In order to keep the highlights from blowing out, try using a narrower aperture on your lens. This will not only reduce the amount of light getting into your camera but will also give you a wider depth of field, ensuring that most of the action you’re capturing is in focus.

Use an ND Filter

For those times when even the fastest shutter speed on your camera is not enough to give you a balanced exposure, consider using an ND filter. This will block some of the light from getting into your camera without degrading image quality or introducing any unwanted artefacts. An ND filter doesn’t come cheap though, so you can get a little creative and use a DIY solution as well.

How to Keep the Sky from Blowing Out
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