So we have talked about how you can cover golfing events like a pro, but a very important point to discuss is what kind of gear you need to use during a game at night. Night photography, obviously, brings very different challenges from those you have in the daytime, so investing in the right kind of equipment is vital for the purpose.

Full Frame, Fast Cameras

The first thing you need is a camera that performs well in low light. You certainly don’t need a very expensive full frame camera, but this is one case in which a more expensive camera might actually make a noticeable difference in the result. Cameras that perform will in low light have high usable ISO ranges, quick and dependable autofocus systems, and big modern sensors.

Fast Telephoto Lens

After you have bought your camera, it is time to invest in a fast telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses are great at capturing the shot from a long distance, allowing you to focus more on the moments to capture rather than moving about the whole time. The lens needs to have a wide aperture as well, at least f/2.8, so that the sensor can get the maximum possible amount of light.

Image Stabilization

Shooting action at night requires you to use a fast shutter speed, but even with a wide aperture on your lens and good high ISO range on your camera, you might still need to use a less than ideal shutter speed. For this, you should always invest in lenses that come with image stabilization so that you can easily take photos without always relying on a tripod or worrying that the subject will get blurred with a slight movement.


These, according to me, are three of the most important things to know about photographing a gold game at night. Additional elements like flashes and tripods are also helpful, but not without a good set of basic photographic equipment.


Have to Cover a Golf Game at Night?
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